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    Indispensable pour transporter des pizzas à plat sur un vélo Support permettant d'installer un sac ISOPACK ou FOODORA sur le cintre d'un vélo. Aucune installation fixe sur le cintre ou la potence. Se monte et se démonte en quelques secondes. Permet de conserver le sac à plat en toute circonstance. Compatible uniquement avec les sacs isothermes hPa ISOPACK...

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    THE messenger's knifeEquipped with a bottle opener and a 15 mm hexagonal wrench integrated with the handle, it is the indispensable tool for any courier rolling fixie. Frame Lock type knife Made in Taiwan with Cr7 steel Built-in bottle opener 15 mm Hexagonal wrench

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    high visibility LED lampEquipped with a clip or velcro, this little lamp clings to everything.It will ideally find its place on a backpack. Fixed or flashing light up to 250 hours of autonomy (flashing mode) Replaceable batteries (2xcr2032) Batteries provided Weight: 15 grs ultra compact Red or white model to choose optional

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    Luminous patch on Velcro backing This patch attaches to any female velcro (with loops) When turned Off, it reflects the light of the headlights. When turned On, it emits a light thanks to its integrated LED. Can be attached to the MESSENGER 80 bag with female Velcro straps. ATTENTION: your support must be equipped with a female velcro strap

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